Can I pay for my learning plan on a monthly basis?


On one hand, acquiring a second language as dense as Arabic requires good amount of dedication, effort, time-management and discipline, if there was not financial commitment of your side as a learner, there would be nothing to prevent you from quitting the classes in the middle of the road no matter how eager you were to learn the language.Read more

Corporate learner VS Individual learner - Packages and Payments

This article is meant to give a detailed-to-an-extent comparison of how we handle Corporate learners VS Individual learners.
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Where this program is available and for whom?

This program is only available for the companies of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. If you reside outside, you may still indicate your interest by filling the form, however, we may not take any serious action towards it in the meantime. 

How can I apply to the CAP program?

Simply contact our CRU: [email protected] unit and they will guide you through the process.

What Is TAI’s CAP?

CAP stands for Corporate Assistance Program.

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The Membership Benefits

This is only a brief list of the benefits that you will get by being a member of The Arabic Club:

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The Membership Tiers and Fees

The Arabic Club membership tiers and fees in GCC:

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Arabic for Oil Industry

This course takes the most beginner student within your people and gets them to fit as quickly as possible with the most way you can possibly provide to them.
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Arabic for Traveling

Travel language phrasebooks, apps and bilingual travelling guides at best provide a list of phrases and location names in your language and the equivalents in Arabic but those are not exactly what you need to find your way to and from the airport, ride and guide a taxi driver who does not speak but hybird-Arabic©, or bargain in souqs for lower prices for the souvenirs you pick for your beloved ones.

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Arabic By Department

Whether you think that your marketing, sales, nursing unit, call center, front desk or any other team within your organization are in need to communicate with Arab, this is the course that they will ever need to make their learning a speedy and enjoyable experience.

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