Complementary Programs


These programmes are designed to match the advanced learner’s needs. All are offered under the self-paced track.

Language register (The degree of formality) 
Arabic for religious purposes – CM-R201
Understanding religious text and ideologies do require special training for full grasping of theology and applying its doctrine later.As you learn Arabic in a religious context, you will learn the various techniques and the how-to so you distinguish the multi registers of the same Arabic in religious perceptive.

We offer this program for you, no matter what religious background you come from in two major sectors: Islamic sciences and Christian science.

Starting level: elementary

Arabic for religious purposes – Shiat Arabic – CM-RS211
Shiat dialect is so distinct that even native Arab of geographically close regions does not get it all, the peerless mixture of Persian and Kurdish languages along with several Iraqi dialects have contributed dramatically towards its final shape.The resources of this program were curated carefully to enable

for an easy mastering without compromising the language

basic gains. Show off with this special Arabic to your

co-workers from Qatif, Sihat, Anak and Safwa and get

closer miles ahead as you speak directly to their


Starting level: elementary 

Reading and Writing – CM-RW100
Reading and writing in Arabic are important skills to have and can be acquired when taking any learning Arabic program.However, this extensive program gives you beyond the basic needs of comprehension skills and introduces you to the various frameworks for reading and writing from MSA to Arabic literature to web language and everything in between. Your advancement of writing and reading will also enable you to better speak and thoughts formulating in any register you decide to adapt.

Starting level: beginner

Media Arabic – CM-M302 NEW

The dynamic and unpredictable politics of the Middle East region makes following the news from sources other than Arabic a matter of guessing. This course is designed to empower you to participate actively in online comments and posting on the Arabic forums and communities whether they were journals or channels websites, or even their social hubs. Google the most trending Arabic keywords and get the answers you have been looking for in your quest for the truth. With this programme, you will be able to watch and understand the news on Aljazzera or Alarabiya and get the gist out of any Arabic newspaper.
Starting level: upper intermediate

Arabic Calligraphy – CM-L099
Arabic calligraphy has existed for thousands of years and will continue for much more to come. This art is a combination of texts with designs in decorative ways. This course will teach you the craftsmanship of constructing ornamental texts with your bare hands. Whether you decided to unleash the artist in you or merely to dive into the language romance, this program is your tool to impress the world with such a sophisticated form of art.Starting level: beginner


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