Paying with Crypto campaign FAQ – Al-khobar


What the campaign is about?
We are starting out to accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option. We believe it’s a natural sequence in our ever-last work to democratize the Arabic language.

You will meet with a professional native Arabic speaker from our faculty along with others fellow learners so you can learn the language and interact with others openly and freely.

What cryptocurrencies are you accepting?
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum among others on Polygon.

Is my crypto wallet safe?
At this point, we completely rely on Coinbase Commerce to facilitate the acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Where will the classes be held?
At Spaces Cowork spaces in Ajdan Walk.

When will the classes start?
The first class will take a place on Monday Feb 13th, 2023.

Who is eligible to sign up for these classes?
This campaign is dedicated to local individuals who reside in Al Khobar city or those who are willing to commute to where the classes are going to take place.

How many learners are you accepting?
While there are no limitations on the number of learners, we will divide them into batches, each with a maximum of 5 learners.

How long will each class last?
From 20 min to 1 hour and 20 minutes depending on the size of the class.

Okay, I signed up and paid for my classes, what is next?
We will email you with the next steps along with appointment reminders.

I couldn’t attend one class after signing up, will you refund me?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund nor reimbursed missed sessions at this point.

I signed up, attended one class but then decided to withdraw, what will happen to the remaining balance?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund nor reimbursed missed sessions at this point, however, will keep your unused balance in your Web3 wallet of ours once we finish setting it up. You will have access to it through the user’s platform.

I have more questions!
Feel free to reach us at [email protected]


By Ali and Company