Corporate Services Overview

Partners and Affilates Supporting Services (PASS)

We believe that it’s our duty to provide whatever related to Arabic language other than teaching it, with PASS program we do so by providing services aligned with our mission and vision such as translation, curriculum designing or localization. Talk to us if you need anything related to Arabic.

Course Customisation

None of our standard courses works with you? Book this service and we will assign a specialist who will assist you in addressing your personal requirements in a course plan that works only for you.

Curriclum Desgining

Request an initial meeting to explore potentials and capabilities regarding your current and upcoming language courses.

Offline Placement Test

If the free online placement test is not what you are looking for, then place an appointment with us to get an offline test with a professional tutor today.

Demo Session

Book a free appointment with a tutor who will perform a free session of any program of your choice and explain our programs to you and guide you to the best option that matches your needs.

By Ali and Company