Certificate of Completion


The student who completes any package of 120 hour and above is awarded a Certificate of Completion of the selected program(s)

had they enjoy equal distribution of all the language skills.

Example of a program that enjoys equal distribution of all the language skills: Bilingual Arabic. 


Certificate of Completion policy

  • The student must score at least 90 points (90%) of attendance under the offline tracks and 70 points (75%) under the online tracks.
  • If the student changes the original plan, the most recent plan is the only plan that is reflected in the Certificate of Completion and the final Progress Report.
  • The LMS participation and submission of total exercises must be equal to or exceed 75 points (70%-75% depends on the provided LMS) on the date of the package expiry.
  • This policy applies to Individual and Corporate students equally.

Note: The Arabic Institute maintain the rights to update this policy with no prior warning.

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