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Common Questions

By default, we are not sure whether your employer is interested in paying for your tuition, you need to arrange for that in the first place with the HR or any other person-in-charge, all what we provide is a communication channel with our sales unit so they could find the best match of our various products with their organizational goals and training needs, however, we do not guarantee the results.

CAP is only available for the companies in GCC. If you reside outside, you may still indicate your interest by filling the form, however, we may not take any serious action towards it in the meantime. 

Start by filling the form in the website in order to join the active list of Eastern Learners.

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While you can still choose the program you wish as an Eastern Learner, you will be treated as a Western Learner when it comes to the tracks and packages. This also applies to other learners that are less than the minimum number required to form a group.

Some learners qualify for the certificate of completion, however, it follows a strict policy to providing it, please visit this page for further details.

As for the accredited certificate, we provide it in conjunction with other institutes, however the accredited courses require a separate upfront payment starts at $10,000/student and varies depending on the accreditor.

The Advanced Learner is the learner who passed the Elementary Level of the Language Proficiency Rubric While she is still in the first stage of the Intermediate level, it has been agreed that this passing elementary level in Arabic enables you to accelerate the remaining levels remarkably and managing the learning input becomes a second nature of this learner.

Geographically speaking, the Eastern Learner is the learner who has come from or lived most of his/her childhood where Indo-Iranian languages are spoken today.

An Eastern learner can be a Turkish learner, Cyprus, Iranian, Afghani, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and Nepalese.

The minimum number of Eastern Learner group is 9 learners while the maximum is 12. If the group consist of more than 12 students, more than one tutor will be assigned and the group will be divided into two so we assure the efficiency of the class time.

Our R&D division works constantly in criticizing and improving every aspect of our teaching methodologies, with their help and numerous trails and errors, we have managed to prove that this range is ideal for learners who own the Eastern Learner qualities.

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